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Spring Term 1, 2018-Welcome back to Nautilus class!

 I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break and you’re looking forward to a new year for your children in Nautilus class. I look forward to continuing on a positive learning journey with your children supporting them to make progress with their learning, and developing as an individual.nautadvents

‘Adventurers and explorers’ will be the overarching theme for this term and will be an important factor in making curricular links. The main focus for this theme will be History, exploring lives of significant individuals nationally and internationally. It will be an exciting and fun filled term with plenty of creative activities linked to this theme.

Our learning for the Spring Term will include:

English texts:



nautstoryFiction –‘ Story Box’

Non-Fiction – ‘Reptiles’nautrepts


nauttrainPoetry – ‘The Train Ride’

nautchineseNon-Fiction – ‘Chinese New Year’


We will continue to approach the new curriculum with the idea of mastery. The areas covered this term will be:

    Number sense
  • Number and place value. Measurement (money)
  • Measurement (money)
  • Statistics

Multiplicative reasoning

  • Number – multiplication and division. Measurement (money)
  • Statistics
  • Measurement (time)

We will take every opportunity to link our maths to real life scenarios and explore maths on our doorstep and in the world around us.


This term, the children will be developing their scientific knowledge of animals, including humans. Over the course of the term the children will learn to Identify and name, describe and compare a variety of common animals. They will also learn the different parts of the human body and their associated senses.


In history we will be focusing our learning on some of the brave explorers of the past such as Captain Scott, Ernst Shackleton and Pocahontas, one of the first Native Americans to visit Britain. The children will use historical recounts, stories and a range of other resources to develop their learning. Through this theme, the children will be able to address questions they may have, develop a greater understanding of the challenges explorers faced in the past and appreciate how these individuals have made an impact on their lives today.

Art and design:

This term, the children will use a range of materials creatively and through drawing, painting and sculpture, the children will create a self-portrait of themselves.

Design technology:

Through the ‘Design, Make, Evaluate’ principle of design technology, the children will experiment and create a range of products linked to out theme ‘Adventurers and Explorers’.

Let’s explore:

Through let’s explore and a creative curriculum, the children will be able to consolidate their learning through imaginative an inventive activities. We continue to encourage independent learning and let’s explore is the perfect opportunity for it.

Important things to remember:nautrememeber

COATS, unless the weather is really hot, your child will need a coat in school every day;
SNACK TIME, We provide fruit every day, and encourage your children to eat it, but if you know that your child likes a certain piece of fruit then they can bring it to school in a named food bag and keep it in their tray;
NAMING UNIFORM, Please ensure that all items of clothing and book bags are named, it’s so much easier for your child and the staff to recognise.
BOOK BAGS: Please make sure your child brings their book bag, books and reading record into school every day. We encourage the children to carry their own book bags to promote independence.
SPELLINGS: Your child will receive 5 spellings per week in their spelling book; they will be given out on a Friday and tested on Wednesday. As the year progresses your child will also receive a range of times tables. It is really important that you practice both spellings and times tables with your child in order to help them improve.
PE KIT: Indoor and outdoor PE kits are needed all week.
READING BOOKS: Books will be changed Every Tuesday so please ensure your child has their books.

Reading with your child

Encouraging you child to read at home is essential for developing skill and confidence.

Here are some useful tips on how to best help you child learn to read:nautread

  • Discuss the book before you even start to read it, talk about the cover and read the blurb at the back, ask your child what they think might happen in the story.
  • Whilst reading the book, discuss characters, pictures and details.
  • Give your child time to recognise and correct their own mistakes.
  • If your child is struggling to read a word, prompt them to look at the pictures for clues, or to sound out the first letter. If they really cannot work it out, then tell them the word so that they don't get frustrated.
  • Once your child has finished the book, have a conversation about what happened in the story and discuss the different characters. It is also very important to make sure you child understands what the book is about.
  • Avoid forcing your child to read if they don't want to. If they are reluctant, try reading to them and encouraging them to join in.
  • Encourage your child to read their favorite books as this will develop their confidence and promote a love of reading.
  • Try to read to your child as often as possible. This could be a shopping list, a menu, or a set of instructions.
  • Remember that there are words all around us! Encourage your child to read names, signs, adverts and labels.

 I am looking forward to an exciting and successful term with you and your child. If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to come and talk with us.

Mrs Corbett, Lin, Jo, Ben and Kelly

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